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"Smarter Quick Pick" is designed to find you those numbers. It eliminates common patterns of numbers people use — such as dates — giving you confidence you won't be sharing your prize!

Imagine - you wait your whole life for that big lottery jackpot. You finally win, and guess what? You have to share your prize with other winners! Can't be avoided, right? Actually, yes it can!

The first thing to understand when playing the lottery is that every ticket has the same chance of winning. Yes, even 1-2-3-4-5*6! I know this sounds crazy, but there was actually a lottery drawing in Germany that came up 2-3-4-5-6*26. And guess what happened? Over 38,000 people had to split that jackpot!

That's when it hit me: People have systems for picking lottery numbers, and if I can avoid those patterns, I can drastically increase my odds of not having to share the winnings!

Have you ever wondered why so many lottery jackpots have multiple winners, while so many other drawings have no winners at all? You've probably seen it many times: big jackpot, millions of players, and no one wins. Drawing after drawing, no winners. And the jackpot grows and grows. Then finally one drawing has 2...3...sometimes even 5 winners - all at once! Why is that??

The secret is in the drawings that had no winners. If you look at those numbers, you will see something amazing - no patterns! No dates, no anniversaries - nothing in particular that would have made someone want to use those numbers. These are the types of numbers you want to play!!

We have analyzed these patterns and designed "Smarter Quick Pick" specifically to avoid them. "Smarter Quick Pick" will give you numbers to play that have a low liklihood of being played by others. After all, why would you play numbers that other people are playing??


So, why not just play "Quick Pick"? Why do I need this app? You should never use the lottery's "Quick Pick"! Here's two very good reasons why:

Reason #1: You may actually be increasing your odds of having to share! Computers cannot generate random numbers on their own - they need a starting point (or “seed”) number – and most of them use the time of day. Quick Picks are generated on the spot by the local lottery terminal. These terminals operate independently, using the current date & time to help them decide what your "random" numbers will be. With potentially hundreds of other people buying tickets at that moment across the region, the chances of getting the same numbers as someone else go up.

Reason #2: Quick Picks do not eliminate numbers and patterns people use often. You want to play random numbers, yes – but only to a point. You also want to eliminate sets of numbers and patterns that people commonly use. Standard "Quick Pick" does not do this for you. "Smarter Quick Pick" does!




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